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Do it like a Cretan

The Idea

“Do it like a Cretan” was created from a strong desire to share our food culture with the travelers who visit our island.

We mostly wanted people to experience the  whole preparation of a family – style meal the exact same way we cook at home so that they can feel the warmth of a family gathering and sharing of food.

This initial desire brought up new ideas like Cilty Food Tours, Cooking workshops in popular local food  businesses and other relevant experiences that all aim to offer an unforgetable gastronomic journey of the Cretan Diet.

cook with all your senses

Short Bio Frini Katsouna

“Born and raised in Chania, Crete. My love for cooking has been influenced by my origins from Cyprus and Asia Minor. I was originally taught to cook by my grandmother and family at a very young age and since then I realized that the Kitchen is the place where I can totally express my self freely.

Growing up, I saw the magnitude of the Cretan Diet and how strongly it is connected to our culture and hospitality. Since 2009 I had been giving cooking lessons to groups at “Nykterida”, the most popular restaurant in the City and  I recently created my own business, offering cooking seminars and services.

I have a cooking radio show at “Diktyofm 91,5” Radio Station where I can express myself with music and cooking. Also, I work at “Meating Group” Butcher Shop where I literally learn a new thing everyday.

My dream is to promote the Cretan Cuisine and to spread it all over the world”

Experience cooking with all your senses.