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We communicate the Cretan Cuisine and Greek Hospitality, thus we provide a variety of services, aiming at a life-long lasting memory!
We use top quality local products from the best producers.

Be a Minoan

A cooking lesson based on history, with the learning objective to experience and prepare the meals as a family, something that Cretans always do, under the advices of the cook.

Private Cooking

Personalized cooking services with a variety of dishes from the Cretan, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Let us cook for you the dishes you’ve always dreamed to taste during your vacation in Crete.

Cooking at ``Cretan Brewery``

Join our cooking lesson combined with a unique tour and tasting at brewery´s restaurant. We offer a 4-hour cooking experience at the terrace of the brewery overlooking on a unique surrounding of orange trees, avocado trees and olive groves.

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“Born and raised in Chania, Crete. My love for cooking has been influenced by my origins from Cyprus and Asia Minor. I was originally taught to cook by my grandmother and family at a very young age and since then I realized that the Kitchen is the place where I can totally express my self freely. Growing up, I saw the magnitude of the Cretan Diet and how strongly it is connected to our culture and hospitality. Since 2009 I have been giving cooking lessons to groups at a popular restaurant and I recently created my own business, offering cooking seminars and services. My dream is to promote the Cretan Cuisine and to spread it all over the world”
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Let's Cook

Olive oil, wild herbs, cheeses, yogurt, goat and lamb meat, fish, shellfish, thyme honey, seasonal vegetables and wild greens are the main ingredients of the Cretan Cuisine since Minoan Times.
  • 07 Dec

    Apples from the area of Omalos are the best. Small in size, crunchy and very juicy. The fi

  • 07 Dec

    Some local butchershops make their own smoked pancetta which is an amazing ingredient for

  • 20 Sep

    We are proud of this product in Crete. Apaki is smoked pork with wild herbs and this metho

We are happy to work with the best local producers and businesses so that we always offer you high quality products and services

Our great associates

Hands down...best food in Greece!! Frini can take the simplest ingredients and make them incredible. And what’s better than having amazing food in the comfort of your own house? Highly recommend an event for 4 or 40!❤️

Rebecca Wiser

The NO1 Food class instructor! I learn new things in every class! I am so looking forward to the next one! Hope to get you to Norway to hold classes also

Vipreiser Tanya

We did a cooking class in the garden when we stayed at Evangelos Apartments. It was a lovely experience! It was a personal and relaxed atmosphere. And we all sat down together to enjoy the delicious food at the end. The food was fantastic!

Linda Marie Kalvø

Absolutely amazing! Cooking with Frini is a one in a million experience and then sitting down to enjoy the meal is like hundreds of explosions on your taste buds!!! Highly recommend you experience "Doing it like a Cretan"....

Effie Papadakis

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